Diagonalizing matrices

Prof. Dr. Christian Bär
University of Potsdam, Germany

Practice diagonalization of matrices! The page generates a random matrix \(A\) whose size can be prescribed. Find a diagonal matrix \(D\) and a transformation matrix \(T\) such that \(A = TDT^{-1}\). The diagonal entries of \(D\) are the eigenvalues of \(A\) and the columns of \(T\) are corresponding eigenvectors.

After clicking on "update" the result will be shown so that you can compare it with what you got. At the same time a new matrix is generated. Note that \(D\) and \(T\) are not unique. Your result can be correct even if it differs from the one shown on the page. For example, \(D\) is unique only up to permutation of the diagonal entries.